Do You Know How Many Blogs Are On The Web?

Do you have any idea how much garbage, web spam blogs are on the web?

We for one, are tired of it. Yes this is a blog, but it’s not web spam. If you’re reading this right now, you found us through a search engine while searching for something completely unrelated to the words that I am typing right now. You’re probably wondering, how did I land on this blog?

Well, I’ll tell you. See, blogs are all interconnected across the web. Since we’re very, very, very internet saavy, we found a way to get you here without you wanting to be here – and you’re still reading! Good for you.

We asked Ryan Stewart, the owner of Marketic, the #1 rated Miami SEO company, for a comment on the matter:

“Weblogs, or Blogs for short, originally started as a means to push content across the internet. Now, unfortunately, they have become a means for mass SPAM and a way to scam search engine rankings. One way to identify a scam blog is by looking at the links in the blog. Where do they go? Do they look unnatural? This is the best way to tell if the blog is spam and used to game search engines. The major search engines, like Google, work tirelessly to rid the web of this type of SPAM. But at the end of the day, the internet is a vast universe of data that is impossible to police. Also, the issue arises, who are search engines to police the web? Nobody elected them and some feel that they are doing more harm than good. However you want to look at it, that’s the world of web marketing and weblogs as we see it here at Marketic”.

Ryan had much more to say, but we will save that for another date. Ryan has almost a decade of online marketing experience and working with SEO and search engines. He’s worked for corporate giants like Best Buy all the way down to startups – in our opinion, he’s the best resource for SEO advice in Miami. In other words, he’s truly an SEO expert. He explains that in his tenure he’s seen it all, but he loves what he does because everyday he learns something new.

We continued our search for more blog spam and came across this video on YouTube:

This video in particular comes from Matt Cutts, head of the web spam team at Google. In this video he discusses forum signature comments and blog comments that some people try and spam with links. Cutts and Google highly discourage this type of web spam and it is a great way to get your website punished.

Another video we found in our search was a little more comical:

This is why we love the internet and this is a great post. This was irrelevant, and we digress…

The point is, the internet is completely bogged down with SPAM and it’s an ongoing battle with tech giants like Google and Bing to beat them back. This is a very convoluted subject because the argument could go both ways – where do these companies get off trying to play god? The internet isn’t even policed that heavily by federal governments, so who are these companies to say what goes?